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Rules Quiz

Want to earn 500 quick points towards end of year point standings?

Complete and hand in a signed players rules and etiquette quiz from the USGA website (links below). It's as simple as that! But remember to do so as soon as possible (preferably at your first event). 

IMPORTANT: Rules Quiz points accepted through May 14, 2018.

The quizzes (written and managed by the USGA website) are self-scoring and for any question missed the site directs you to the correct answer and supporting rule or decision.

  1. Correctly answer 8 of 10 at the Basic Level (9-holers) or 14 of 18 at the Basic Level (18-holers) .
  2. Print out the results page showing your score.
  3. Sign it and bring to the registration table and we'll award your points on the spot.

Players may use any resource available to help with the quiz. Players may have assistance in completing the quiz.

Take a quiz as many times as needed until passing (NOTE: the quiz may be different each time you take (retake) it).

There is no penalty for NOT completing the quiz, but, the player will start the season with a point disadvantage against other players who do complete the quiz.

IMPORTANT: Rules Quiz points accepted through May 14, 2018.