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Cart Policy

The Cart Policy is designed to help with the pace of play and improve the enjoyment of both the player and spectator.  Carts may be used for play at RHJT events under the following guidelines only:

Caddy use of carts:   9-Hole Players
Though we strongly encourage walking for all RHJT events, parents or caddies of 9-hole players may rent a cart for use during play.  The caddy may use the cart to shuttle their player between holes.  After reaching the tee, the player cannot ride and MUST walk the entire hole.  The caddy may leave the bag on the cart or carry it on the course with the player when needed. In no case, will carts be allowed off the path.  First offense – warning.  Second offense – 2 stroke penalty.  Subsequent offenses – double par on that hole.

Pull carts are allowed unless prohibited by the host golf course.

Note:  Carts are provided on a first come/first serve basis.  Each course may or may not have enough carts for all players.  The cart policy has been put into effect to help those who play on a long course and have substantial walks between greens and tees.

18-hole Players: No electric carts permitted
Pull carts only are allowed unless prohibited by the host golf course.

Spectator cart policy
Spectators of all players may rent carts for use while watching play.  Spectators in carts must stay on the path at all times and remain behind the players being watched.  Spectator carts are prohibited from going forward to spot tee shots in advance of play. First offense: warning; second offense: spectator will be asked to return to the clubhouse until the conclusion of play.

Note:  It is at the discretion of the host golf course as to whether spectator carts will be allowed.

Special Circumstances:

At the committee's discresion, the RHJT Caddy/Cart Policy may be suspended due to excesive heat or other weather-related circumstances where the health/saftey of the player(s) may be at risk.