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Weather and Darkness Policy

Red Hills Junior Tour events will take place as scheduled unless it is necessary to cancel or postpone for one of the following reasons:

  1. Safety: the host course's lightning detection or radar indicates lightning in the area, the committee will postpone play until it is determined safe to resume.
  2. Course Condition: the host course determines the course is too wet or frost conditions exist that would result in damage to the course.
  3. Darkness: the committee determines that play must be suspended for the day due to darkness.

If an event should be hindered by rain, frost delay, or darkness, the following rules will be applied:

  • All 18 holers must complete at least 9 holes* in order for the event to be considered completed.
  • All 9 holers must complete at least 5 holes† in order for the event to be considered completed.

If the event is partially completed but ALL 18 holers have completed 9-holes and/or ALL 9-holers have completed at least five holes, we will consider the event official and awards will be presented according to our Points and Awards criteria.

If the event cannot be completed we will re-schedule at a later date.  We will either refund your money or apply it to the rescheduled event.

If it is obvious the event cannot be played because of extended inclement weather (hurricane or tropical storm in the Gulf), we will make every effort to let you know via email, phone and website update.  Otherwise, please know we will play as scheduled.

*If a 36-hole event, 18 holes must have been completed.

†If an 18-hole event, 9 holes must have been completed.